Donate Used Computers

We need used computers for all our schools. Laptops are especially important for our African schools because transportation costs are very high and electrical power is poor. This is what we need:


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Our Process for Incoming Donations

We take donors' information security seriously.  We inspect donated computers to see if they meet our minimum specifications.  Next we connect them to the network and perform a series of server-based tests to wipe the hard disk and confirm performance and reliability as client computers.  Computers that do not pass inspection or testing are disposed of at a certified e-waste facility, ensuring minimal impact to the environment.
How we protect your security
1. We remove stickers, labels, or other identification
2. We completely erase the hard disk using an NSA-approved four-pass overwrite process prior to any disk access by Reneal IEO (this will be done even if the disk will be recycled as e-waste)
3. We reset the BIOS for network boot;  if this cannot be done, we place a small network boot program on the disk or, if no disk, insert a network boot CD in the CD drive 

The computer is now ready for packing and shipping to begin its new life in a school computer lab in a developing country!​


Tax Deduction Status

Reneal International Education Outreach is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt public charity, and donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowable by law.  Our Federal Employer Identification Number is 45-5439085.