Tanzania Projects

As of January 2018, 13 schools in Tanzania are equipped with the Reneal IEO system!

Reneal IEO work in Tanzania continues. The web page about the history of the founders of Reneal IEO details much of the work done to date. The work was furthered in 2012 when server computers were built for installation at two new sites, a high school and an orphanage. One of the servers was specially constructed using low power parts for use at a remote solar-powered school campus. Neal returned to Tanzania in October of 2012 to set up these sites and train the systems administrators at these two sites. He also visited 12 schools and performed site evaluations for 2013 projects.  Three schools were selected for implementation.  See the 2013 Tanzania plan here.  Computers for these projects were obtained via donations from individuals as well as a purchase of used computers from the World Computer Exchange. 

Reneal IEO traveled to Tanzania in August of 2013 to complete this work.  IT labs were installed at Paroma Secondary School in Musoma and at Mukulat and Mlangarini Secondary Schools in Arusha.  A blog post summarizing the work is shown here.  It was exciting and fulfilling time!  Part of the effort in 2013 was visiting and evaluating several schools for 2014 projects.  Down-select was done in January 2014, and the plan is here

Reneal IEO traveled to Tanzania in September of 2014 to install the low cost computer system in three new schools: Mwandet Scondary School and Ilkiding'a Secondary School in Arusha and Paroma Primary School in Musoma.  A blog post summarizing the work is shown here.  During the 2014 visit, several schools were evaluated for 2015 projects.  Four schools have been selected for implementation.  The 2015 project plan is here.

Reneal IEO returned to Tanzania in October of 2015 to install the Reneal system in four new schools in Arusha: Mringa Secondary School, Ilboru Secondary School, Enyoito Secondary School, and Oldadai Secondary School.  A Reneal server was also installed at the United African Alliance Community Center (UAACC).  A blog post summarizing the work is here.

Reneal IEO was thrilled to return to Tanzania again in 2017.  Reneal systems were installed in two new schools in Arusha: Mateves Secondary School and Nduruma Secondary School.   We visited the other eight schools in Arusha, as well as UAACC.  We also supported The School Fund (TSF) in installing computer labs in two schools in Iringa.  Check out the blog post here for a summary.

Planning is underway for 2018!  Help from corporate donations or sponsorship is critical to success in the projects ahead.