Philippines Projects

As of January 2018, 27 schools in Cebu have been equipped with the Reneal IEO system!

Our work began in the Philippines in 2006 at Compostela National High School (CNHS) in Cebu.  We have continued our association with the principal, teachers, and students of CNHS until now, and they have worked with us to evaluate new hardware and software solutions for the low cost computer infrastructure.  In March of 2013, all of the computers were upgraded to the newest version of the Linux Ubuntu operating system.
The Reneal IEO system was installed at seven new schools in the Philippines in 2014.  See the 2014 plan here and 2014 hardware request here.  A blog post summarizing the 2014 work is here

We returned in 2015 and installed the system at seven new schools in Cebu.  We also did updates at each of the eight prior schools and provided additional computers for four of the 2014 schools.  The 2015 plan is here.  The 2015 effort culminated on July 6th with the first-even Cebu Open Source Software Championship -- see the blog post here.

Ten new schools were added in Cebu in 2016.  The project plan for March 2016 is here, and you can check out the summary of completed work here.  We headed back to Cebu in September, and the project plan for September is here.  You can check out the summary of completed work here.

In 2017 we were back in Cebu.  Two new Reneal systems were added, and thanks to Free Geek in Portland, Oregon, we were able to replace many old CRT monitors with more efficient flat panel displays.

We'll be in Cebu again in 2018, with planned installations at Compostela Science and Technology High School and at Cebu Technological University in Carmen.