At long last: Tanzania 2013! [2013-08-16]

Reneal IEO is just a few short days away from beginning the 2013 projects in Tanzania.  It’s hard to believe the big day is finally almost here.  It’s been such a long road, starting almost immediately when Neal returned home from his trip last year; he got home on October 27th, and the first draft of the 2013 Tanzania proposal was dated November 4th.  The last ten months have brought challenges and excitement as we’ve planned and prepared for this moment.

The trials and thrills of system testing [2013-07-01]

It’s possible that not everyone’s pulse races when thinking about system testing, but that was the exciting culmination of our weekend here at Reneal IEO.  We set up 12 used laptops contributed by generous donors and connected them through a gigabit network switch to a server with Neal’s latest-and-greatest integrated software based around Xubuntu 12.04.  This hardware and software is all headi